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About Us 

The company was started in 2019 and since then the artistic director has hosted master classes, live events, film festivals, and more. Nicole Decsey Dance Projects is a grassroots company that is just getting started.

Nicole Decsey Dance Projects (NDDP)

Dance is an art form that has the ability to tell personal stories, to be a reflection of society, and to comment on the current social and political climate.

The goal of Nicole Decsey Dance Projects is to move people to think deeper and look introspectively into their own lives. To create stories that people can relate to on a physical and emotional level. Every dance piece created comes from personal experiences shared by the creative team. 

Through emotionally charged movement and music audience members can be guided down a designed path while still forming their own conclusions. The goal, is that through exposing the truth of each performers story the viewer can draw links and similarities to their own lives. In this way the company engages a wide scope of individuals and advocates for the ability of dance to reach and inspire people from all walks of life. 

The work created by Nicole Decsey Dance Projects is rooted in the personal experiences of the collaborators involved. Investigating and exploring vulnerability while having the bravery to put that vulnerability on display.

As an artistic collaborative team we offer master classes, performances, and films. 


Interested in working with NDDP? 

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